A Rear Lamp and a Curiosity

I’ve decided to enter my first modeling contest at the upcoming NMRA Mid East Region convention right here in Rockville, MD. I’m going to offer up my Climax and in preparation I had one last detail I wanted to add: a rear lamp.

I got a Cal-Scale light housing, painted it flat black, then went to Michael’s to get some tiny “jewels”, painted one with Model Master transparent red and attached it to the rear deck of the Climax.


One day, when I switch over to DCC, I’ll remove the body to put in the appropriate electronics. While I’m at it, I’ll look at placing tiny LEDs in both the headlight up front and this new rear lamp.

Now to the curiosity. You’ll recall I recently redid the signage on my son Adam’s Shipping and Storage by color printing an Adams Express logo.


Well, this past weekend I was up in Woodsboro to see my other son, Brian, and his family as they have a new child, Wilder, our third grandson. He lives next to the old Woodsboro train station, which is being remodeled. I noticed they have added a new sign to the station front door.


No one was there so I could ask about the addition. Nor could I ask about the meaning of the “WU” sign. I suspect it stands for Western Union.


Pigeons? And New Signs!

As we are enjoying yet another rainy day and my golf outing was cancelled, I decided it was a perfect time for some modeling chores.

First thing, though, was to set up a new color printer we bought a couple weeks back. I needed it to make some signs for my son Adam’s “Adam’s Express” Shipping and Storage operation.


And while I was at it, I decided he could use some extra advertising. So I made up a smaller sign and attached it to the side of the bank building in Eureka.


And since I was on a roll, I fished in my spare parts box and dug out a couple really tiny pigeons that I recall came with the kit I built for Kee’s Laundry. I carefully sawed off the metal casting base, brushed them with some gray paint and then did a bit of touching with black on the head and tail after examining some pigeon pictures.

I placed them on top of the workmen’s shack up at the Lincoln Lumber Company (but who knows, they might fly somewhere else.)


Just to give you a sense of how small they are, both could sit on a dime. (And yes, the black paint didn’t stick on one of the pigeons. I’ll have to touch that one up next time the paint is out.)

Eureka Is Dry (But Not Too Dry)

I picked up a couple more details to place on the layout — this time some products from Model Tech Studios.

As I think I mentioned, I thought the new Eureka town center pump and shade tree needed a bench. And someone sitting on it. The Model Tech figure purports to be a drunk. But who am I to judge? He just looks a tad old and maybe a bit tired. Maybe he’s been working at the blacksmith shop.


(I might have to add some eyes. Or just pretend they’re closed and he’s taking a nap.)

Having made my own pump, I saw one on Model Tech and thought to myself, “Self, you can always put another water pump on your layout. Do it.”

So I did. This one is placed over by the Eureka Gazette office and the bunkhouse for the workmen at the Flack Mine.


Well, another rainy day here in Rockville. A good time to spend more time in Eureka.

The Pioneer

After I made the town center water pump and platform and the new shade trees, I got to thinking Eureka needed a statue — a tribute to the pioneers who established this now thriving town.  So I fished among my still unpainted figures from Rusty Rail and found one that I thought would make a fine statue.


I used the other half of that anti-moisture caplet I used to make the cistern for the water pump as the base. I painted the base in Woodland Scenics “cream” like the cistern and used Model Master “steel” for the figure.

I planted the statue on a small hillock between the mainline through  Eureka and the spur to the Parker’s Peak Mine. I added some ground cover (Woodland Scenics). Perhaps some day someone will decide to lay some flowers at the base of the statue as a tribute to this pioneer of the Old West.


Eureka Gets a Water Pump

I decided that new shade tree in the center of Eureka looked like such a nice place that it deserved a pump where folks could come and fetch some cool, clear spring water.


So I took some scale planks and made a base, painting it brown. Then for a cistern I took one of those anti-moisture plastic devices shaped like a tiny depth charge, cut it in half and glued it to the plank base (after removing the little granules inside the device). I painted it “cream” (Woodland Scenics) on the outside and “gun metal” (Model Master) on the inside.

Then I decided it really needed a pump. I took two thin pieces of wood, used my model drill to make a small groove across the wooden planks, stuck a piece of scrap detail plastic that resembled a spout on one end and a handle on the other, and glued the two planks together around the detail piece.

I then painted the wooden support in the same “cream” color as the cistern and the spout and handle in “gun metal” and glued it to the base.

Here it is on the work bench.


I put some of my Doc O’Brien weathering powders on the assembly and set it on the layout as seen in the first photo.

Next up: I’ve ordered a homeless bum drunk on a bench from Model Tech and I intend to place him under the shade tree next to the water pump. And maybe I’ll put some water in the cistern.

Relaxing, isn’t it?